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Heya! I'm Koll

I am currently a fifth year Industrial Design student in the College of DAAP. I have always been in love with learning and creating. Since before I can remember, I was helping my dad build and fix things. Trips to home improvement stores were like scavenger hunts; finding loose screws, washers, and cut-offs on the ground like trophies to collect and create something later with. Since then, I have only grown this passion and industrial design has allowed me to stoke the fire to pursue even more avenues of creation.


If I'm not heads-down into a project, you'll either find me cheering for my consistently unfortunate teams (the Bengals and Arsenal being the most recent culprits), playing cards on the porch, or learning about some new subject or talent. I truly love diving deep into new subjects and projects, and the world of design has been a perfect fit for me to grow and create. 

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